Home-made Georgian kitchen restaurant

Since 2010, we have been delighting our guests with delicious food and a warm homely atmosphere. During our work, we have served more than one thousand people and gained a large number of friends – our regular customers.
Everyone knows how hospitable Georgian families are. They welcome guests with a feast, which turns into a holiday with delicious and healthy food.
We honor and preserve Georgian traditions. In our restaurant, complex homemade dishes are complemented by the kindness and friendliness of the staff, as well as the unique taste of Georgian wine.

Main Hall
The main hall of the restaurant is made in light yellow-beige tones, which creates a feeling of home comfort and warmth. Due to its shape and location of the open kitchen and bar, the main hall has several zonalities. Here you can hold several lavish banquets at the same time, and they will not interfere with each other.
In the place where the open kitchen is located, there is a barbecue on which meat, vegetables and seafood are cooked. A wood-burning stove was also built there, from which, perhaps, the most delicious real Georgian khachapuri in Moscow is obtained.
Summer verand

On the roof of the building where the restaurant is located, a summer veranda welcomes guests every year from May to October.
Its space, fenced off from the hustle and bustle of the city, is wrapped in greenery. Tables are placed in small gazebos that protect guests from the weather, and the overall atmosphere resembles a country vacation rather than a restaurant in a megalopolis.

VIP Karaoke

Those who like to show off their talents know where to go in the evening in the southwest. The karaoke room of our restaurant is equipped with professional equipment, and a sound engineer is able to brighten up vocal flaws. Therefore, even a debutant singer will feel like a real artist with a microphone in his hand.
Kid's game room

The new hall "Jug" is designed for young guests. 230 square meters are allocated for it . The hall is equipped with 50 seats and a large play area covered with carpet, on which there are chairs, benches, rocking horses, and comfortable sofas along the windows. The decoration of the "Jug" was a huge two–tiered maze - with ropes, obstacles, fragments of pipes and a dry pool.

We are waiting for you!
Come and you will be pleasantly surprised!

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