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ул. Академика Анохина, д. 58, Москва, Россия Пн.-Чт., Вс.: - 12.00 - 23.00; Пт.,Сб.: 12.00 - 0.00 +7 (495) 775-47-57

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    Georgian home-cuisine restaurant
    in the South-West of Moscow

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    We are delighting our guests with a tasty meal and friendly family atmosphere since 2010. We have served thousands of people and became friends with a lot of them – our regular customers, over the years.

    Everybody knows that Georgian families are very hospitable. They meet guests with a feast, which turns into a celebratory meal, with delicious and healthy food. We are proud of Georgian traditions and try to save it for a long year. There are kind and friendly staff, who serves homemade dishes, which recommended trying with an awesome Georgian wine, in our restaurant. We are constantly developing and doing our best to make our place more, than just a restaurant.



    Guram Urchukhishvili, young and gifted chef, head

    kitchen of «Kuvshin» Since December 2019. Guram comes from Kakheti, which famous for wines and cuisine. He began to cooking national dishes as child, and learned the basics of the profession immediately after school, when he moved to Tbilisi. Guram studied cooking by one of the best chefs, Nodar Andriashvili. Then he completed an internship in Europe with chiefs from restaurants marked by Michelin stars. And returning to Georgia, he interested in collecting recipes unfotunately forgotten dishes. Our chef is winner of international culinary contests and TV shows, winner of the “Choped” competition on Food Network Channel.


    Main hall

    Light yellow and beige colors, for the pleasant house atmosphere, are prevail in the interior of the main hall. There are open kitchen and the bar in the main hall, which are separate the place on several comfortable corners. Therefore, it is possible to celebrate several magnificent banquets at the same time, which will not disturb each other. In addition, there is the brazier in the open kitchen, which is using for cooking meat, vegetables and seafood. Besides, we cook the most delicious khachapuri in Moscow, in our wood-burning stove.

    The People’s artists of Georgia singing alive every evening, except Monday, in the main hall of the restaurant.

    The summer terrace

    on the roof

    The summer terrace on the roof works for our guests from May to October. This place is separated from the megapolis by green plants. Each table is located in a private gazebo, which protect our guests from a rain. The atmosphere on our terrace reminds a country rest.




    Those, who love to show own talent, know where should go in the evening. Our sound producer will make your vocals better with professional equipment. You will feel yourself like a real artist, even if you sing first time in our karaoke.


    The playroom

    for children

    The new “Kuvshinchik” hall is maden for young guests. The new location will accommodate everyone comfortably: here are 230 square meters, 50 seats places, large area for games with a carpet cover. Besides, there are small chairs, benches, rocking horses and comfortable sofas along the windows. Large two-story labyrinth is the main attraction, with ropes, obstacles, fragments of pipes and a dry pool.